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Rules of League

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:18 am

Welcome to my NHL 11 online 1v1 league.

Im making this league for players who are serious about playing and will be available to play frequently. Any level of skill is accepted, just ask that you will be serious about the league and play games frequently.

The league will consist of 10 teams with each team playing 3 games against each opponent. So that will be 27 regular season games. Then there will be a playoff.

To join league..

Start by joining the forum and then post in the forum and list..
1. First name
2. Xbox Gamer tag
3. Team you want to play with (I have the predators so they are already taken LOL)

I will be updating the teams taken and by who daily so you can see what teams are already taken.

Once we get around 8 signups, I will be sending out the passwords and how to join the league.
You can then start playing games and once we get 10 I will close the league.

Rules for the league....

1. Must play atleast 4 games a week, but would prefer you play more so the league will run smoothly. If a player is not playing any games in the league for a long period of time, I will remove them and replace them if it's early enough in the season. If not there will be one less team in the league and we will continue season. If you are going to be away for a while, like vacation etc.. you must post it here on the forum or send me a message on xbox letting me know. I will take note so you do not get removed from league. Just ask you try to catch up once back.

2. There will be no trading in the league

3. No created players. Using the up to date rosters of the NHL teams

4. These rules are in place to make sure that the league does not dissolve or go slow like alot of leagues online are.

5. Once the league is open it will be good to add everyone in the league as a friend on xbox, so its easy to set up game times and communicate. But not neccessary, you can communicate on here if you like.

Remember to claim your team on here before the league fills up.

If enough people want to sign up, I will make another league once the first is underway.

I will also be posting stats and standings on here.




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